This looks critically at the great waste of money Marga indulged in for what should have been an illuminating exhibition and workshop. I was pleased however, having taken several students down, to have provided them with parcels of food, which was left over in abundance given the lack of organization and publicity.

The pictures are of Alfie Moragoda as Commissioner of Immigration and Emigration, and of Vigneau and Miles in later life.

An object lesson in project waste

After the usual three days of classes at Sabaragamuwa I went to Tangalle for tea with Nimalka of the RESC and stayed the night at the Matara Resthouse and then, after leaving books at the RESC, went to the estate to hear about how the project was going. After lunch at my uncle’s, I went back to take a class, and then went back to Colombo, leaving books at the Sacred Heart Convent on the way.

I taught again at USJP on the Friday afternoon and then went to Nirmali’s for cards and dinner, going with her the following evening to see Alfie and Ariadne Moragoda, the latter a cousin of my mother who had been close to her. On Sunday I went back to the university in the evening for the usual schedule of lectures, getting back in time on the Wednesday to talk about Tagore and T S Eliot at the Marga Exhibition, which had a tiny audience, sadly so for the Norwegians had funded a magnificient party for a much larger crowd. I had brought down several students from the university for the event, and I insisted on them being supplied with large parcels for I could not bear the waste.

I took Vigneau next morning to the exhibition for the session on Camus and Tony Morrison, and then lunched with him and then, having taken my father to the doctor, went for his talk at the Alliance. Next morning there was a GELT seminar at the UGC, and then I signed the deeds for the Getamanna transfers and then had my USJP class before going to the BMICH with students for a talk on Pasternak and Mahfouz. Next day I was back to talk on Marquez while Peter D’Almeida spoke on Dario Fo, asked because of his wonderful performance in ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ which we had put on at the British Council a decade earlier. Then I had my old friend Miles Young for lunch, for the main advertising agencies in Sri Lanka too came under him as head of Ogilvy and Mather in Hong Kong.

I went to the Eheliyagoda RESC next evening to drop books on the way to the university, taught over the next three days, and went on Wednesday night, having dropped books at Bandarawela and Welimada, to spend the night at the Haputale Resthouse. Next morning I left books at the Buttala Campus and had lunch with Mrs Siriwardena before visiting the Bibile and Mahiyangana GELTs to take classes, and then went to Derrick’s for the night. Next day I left books at Kegalle and then got home for lunch with a lecture then at USJP and dinner at Shanthi’s. Peter Rowe came home for lunch the next day, and next morning I went to see Anjalan about the buildings he had agreed to do for me at Palankadewatte and also the estate.