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1. Lakmahal – Colombo, Sri Lanka   –  75 Years of Social Change and Political Flux


ISBN – 978-955-0686-21-6

A publication celebrating the 75th birthday of the house in which the author has lived for most of his life. The first section, in a historical sweep, records the seminal role in social change played by his grandfather and two uncles on different sides of the political spectrum, Cyril, Esmond and Bishop Lakshman Wickremesinghe. The second section looks at changes in the capital during the seventies and early eighties, which the third deals with the author’s work for the British Council at a time of increasing threats to democracy through governmental authoritarianism as well as terrorism.

2.  The Best of British Bluff 


ISBN – 978-955-1732-61-5

Essays written when the author was head of the Sri Lankan Peace Secretariat, dealing with criticism that seemed designed to prevent the country overcoming the terrorist threat posed by the Tigers who had rejected all efforts at a negotiated settlement. The role of David Miliband and the Labour government, which had engaged in war mongering in Iraq, comes in for particular scrutiny, along with the contribution of agencies funded by governments inimical to the Sri Lankan search for a durable settlement.

3. The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka  – History, Philosophy, Presentation  – A 25th Anniversary Publication


ISBN  – 978-955-0686-22-3

A publication to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka, and its seminal role in advancing a moderate political philosophy in place of the extremism that dogged Sri Lankan politics in the early eighties. The acceptance of many tenets of liberalism by both major parties in Sri Lanka, in their move to the centre, along with records of interventions in areas now taken up by other forces, testifies to the seminal contribution of the party, and its founder, Chanaka Amaratunga.

4. Asian Liberal Perspectives  –  Promoting Democracy, Equity, Pluralism


ISBN – 978-955-0686-24-7

A collection of essays by the author during the two years he served as Chair of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats. Long recognized as a strong intellectual influence on Asian Liberalism, Prof Wijesinha in this book deals with the need for reform in Parliamentary structures and practices inSri Lanka, while also assessing the changes in theMiddle Eastthat took place in 2011 in the context of liberal ideals. The first section of the book presents speeches he made as Chairman of CALD, on subjects ranging from Pluralism to Climate Change.

5. Beyond the First Circle  –   Travels and Reflections in the Second and Third Worlds


ISBN  –  955-9069-06-3

A collection of essays on travels in the eighties and early nineties, including accounts of two voyages round the world on the Semester at Sea programme run by the University of Pittsburgh. Descriptions of Cuba in decline,Vietnam in the early eighties and again in the early nineties, and Berlin and Warsaw at the time Communism collapsed are juxtaposed with general essays on different cultures in South America and the Islamic world.

6. See No Good, Hear No Good , Speak No Good  – The Perversity of the Darusman Panel


ISBN  –  No number

Essays written immediately after its publication to shed light on the Report of the Panel of Experts appointed by the UN Secretary General to advise him on accountability issues. The essays look into how the Panel was set up and what it says. This critique of purported facts and modalities is followed by analysis of some of the personalities involved in what seems a well targeted plan. This is followed by letters that respond to questions as well as particular allegations.

7. The Road to Reconciliation and its Enemies  –   Documented Evidence and Logical Argument against Emotional Exaggeration and Soundbites


ISBN  –  978-955-0686-02-5

A second collection of essays discussing allegations against Sri Lanka, in particular those made by the UN Panel of Experts, the book by Gordon Weiss, the films by Channel 4 and the reports of the Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Killings. These were written after careful examination of documents, including correspondence with the ICRC, and relevant areas on the ground, including the hospitals that are relatively undamaged in contradiction of the various allegations.

The evidence of collusion between those purporting to act independently has been further highlighted by the email of an individual in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights which refers to the role Christof Heyns and the SPD colleagues who added a powerful dimension to our advocacy, indicating collusion in terms of a specific witch hunting agenda, even though the reports commissioned by Heyns raised serious doubts about the evidence that was being manipulated.

8.  The Terrorist Trilogy  –   Act of Faith, Days of Despair,  The Limits of Love


ISBN  –  978-955-1732-09-9

This volume brings together three novels dealing with significant periods in the conflicts that bestSri Lankain the eighties and nineties. Acts of Faith, first published in India in 1985, dealt with government sponsored attacks on Tamils in July 1983. These fuelled terrorism that contributed toIndia’s intervention in 1987, dealt with in Days of Despair. The Limits of Love is based on the life of Richard de Zoysa, the journalist killed by government paramilitary forces in 1990, on suspicion of involvement in the Sinhalese youth uprising that developed after the Indo-Lankan Accord of 1987.

9. Days of Despair 


ISBN – 955-592-002-8

The second novel in the Terrorist Trilogy, dealing with the Indo-Lankan Peace Accord of 1987 and the conflict between the Tigers and the Indian army. The gallery of portraits of Sri Lankan politicians and terrorists, including examples of both, is accompanied by a satirical presentation of Rajiv, the hero of the novel, seen to symbolize Mother India, the subcontinent which is ‘newly unified’ at the end of the novel.

10. The Lady Hippopotamus and Other Stories


ISBN – 955-9069-03-09

A collection of short stories published in 1991 that covers school sexuality, political satire and dramatic descriptions of the terrorism that oppressed Sri Lanka, south and north, in the preceding period.

The moonemalle inheritance - book cover

11. The Moonemalle Inheritance


ISBN – 978-955-0686-26-1


This book was published to celebrate the renowned artist Ena de Silva on her 90th birthday. The first part is a family history, detailing the connections between Ena and the writer’s family, and revolves round life at ‘The Old Place’, the grand country house in Kurunagala built on his wife Ada Moonemalle’s land by Edward Gregory Goonewardene. Opposite, in Mitford House, lived Ada’s brother Theodore, Member of the Legislative Council and Ena’s grandfather. The second part records the writer’s Travels with Ena over 30 years, while the last section has fiction based on the characters introduced earlier in the book. It ends with extracts from ‘The Terrorist Trilogy’ that deals with the 1983 attacks on Tamils and the 1987 Indo-Lankan Accord.

Oxford's Loudest Laughter

   12. Oxford’s Loudest Laughter : Leslie Mitchell and University College


   ISBN – 978-955-0686-41-4


This is a collection of essays to celebrate the 70th birthday of Leslie Mitchell, former Dean of University College. Undergraduates who have contributed span over 40 years, while dons who contribute to the analysis of a changing Oxford include the other doyen of College friendly Univ dons, George Cawkwell. The collection is rounded off by letters from Leslie Mitchell and stories recreating the Univ experience by two of the College’s recent writers, Reggie Oliver and Amanda Brookfield.