Another death in this post, and then politics when the President and the Prime Minister stymied the effort of the UNP Secretary to stand by the commitment President Premadasa had entered into with him. In retrospect it was ironic that Ranil should thus have stymied Premadasa’s legacy, whereas his family had been complaining that this was precisely what Wijetunge had done in bringing Gamini Dissanayake back into the party. The pictures are of that strange quadrilateral, and its victim Chanaka.

Towards the 1994 General Election

In this time of constant bereavement I went next morning to the little Mirchandani house in Wellawatte for Teku Mirchandani had died. He was the elder of two brothers we had known well, who had run Himalaya’s near the Savoy where we had got lots of clothes tailored and bought all our childhood suitcases. Teku was not married but my father had got the only child of his brother Ram into S. Thomas’ where he had done well, including as an actor along with Chanaka and Richard and the Ponniahs.

Then it was the UGC and Nirmali’s and then classes at the Ministry before getting back to Nirmali’s. I worked that day and the next, July 1st, on proofs of the Ordinary Level book, while on the latter day we had a meeting at the UGC of ELTUs. The following day there was another funeral, of my cousin Channa’s wife’s father, and then the Liberal Party met about nominations for the election, after which I worked at Nirmali’s, going that evening for the homecoming of Diamanthe Wijetunge, one of the three girls we had taken on for the first GELT book project over five years earlier.

Sunday was a quiet day at home, when I wrote out the objectives of the GELT course for the UGC, and also thank you notes, I presume after the funeral. Then on Monday 4th July work resumed with a trip with Kithsiri. Back in Colombo after almost a week,  I had a class at the Ministry and then lunch then with Anila, whose friend Shanthi Ranasinghe was visiting, and then I went to Raymond’s to collect my grandmother’s ashes which we interred in the family grave. Then I went to the Council for the memorial for Bill McAlpine we had arranged, with an Emergency meeting of the Liberal Party to follow. Though it had been agreed by Premadasa that Chanaka would be accommodated on the National List, and though the Secretary of the Party whom Wijetunge had appointed had confirmed this, Ranil persuaded D B Wijetunge to renege on the agreement. He was bitter about Chanaka having been critical of J R Jayewardene and told Wijetunge that he should not promote someone who had also criticized him. So we ended up in an alliance with the Muslim Congress which pledged to put Chanaka into Parliament.

I got back to the Council after that for the end of the party that had followed our event, and then worked on proofs for the Ordinary Level Book. Next day, after work at Nirmali’s and the UGC I was off again with Kithsiri, getting back on the Sunday when I worked on the USJP external syllabus. Next morning I had classes at USJP with work at the UGC and Nirmali’s in the afternoon, followed by a Liberal meeting and then more proof correction.