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This post records an interesting workshop at a RESC, where I slept on the floor along with the teachers, with Nirmali and other resource persons coming during the day to contribute.

The pictures are of Prasad and Oranee, there sadly being none available of delightful old Mr. Rajapakse.

A workshop at the Eheliyagoda RESC

It was USJP classes as usual on the next two mornings, with the UGC in the afternoons, but NIrmali took me to dinner on the Monday night and my father had several nieces for dinner at home the next night. Before that I had seen Prof Palihawadana who was also worried about how strangely Dorakumbura was behaving.

On the Wednesday I went with Kithsiri to USJP for my class and to check then on progress on the External Degree which the Senate had approved, and then dropped in at the NIE to leave the new book for A J Gunawardena, since he had initiated it, with the manuscript left by Ranjith Goonewardena. The rest of the journey with Kithsiri has been already recorded.

I got back after several days for classes at USJP on two mornings with the UFC on the Monday afternoon. That evening my former Peradeniya student Vijita Yatawatte came to see me with her husband for she had been appointed Director of the English Department at the NIE. He found that awkward and they were thinking of both moving into the AUC system, but I told her they should stay where they were, for that was much more important in terms of the impact on the country.

Then on Tuesday afternoon I was off again with Kithsiri, having to stay that night with his girlfriend’s family since there was no room at the Teldeniya Resthouse, which we reached after nightfall. Some days later Kithsiri dropped me at the Eheliyagoda RESC, run by one of David Woolger’s favourite students called Prasad Kodituwakku, where the Ratnapura Director of English Mr Rajapaksa had arranged a workshop for GELT teachers in the area. I was startled to find that we were all expected to sleep on the ground in the hall, and there was just the one bathroom, but everyone was very deferential and it proved a pleasant enough stay.

The opening session was that evening, and next morning after a couple of model sessions Dinali and Nirmali arrived and took classes. I had a session Grammar in the evening and then the ladies in the group gave us some songs. The workshop continued next day, and Oranee too turned up. I think Nirmali must have brought her for I do not think she had stayed the night, and we all went back with Nirmali’s husband Mervyn, who had had some work in Ratnapura. And that evening there was a party given by the Asia Foundation.

On Monday I worked at the UGC after dropping at the Council which was sponsoring a trip for me to a conference at Leeds University. I also faced an interview for the post of Director of the Anuradhapura AUC since I realized USJP was closing up, but since Dorakumbura chaired the selection committee that seemed a non-starter. That afternoon I slept and went to see Ian with Gillian and then worked at Nirmali’s.

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September 2022
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