This simply catalogues more work in various fields I have described previously, though it does not something new, a little project I had persuaded Aitken Spence which owned the Kandalama Hotel to embark on, an early example of Corporate Social Responsibiliy

Endless work and at Kandalama too

Thursday I spent marking IB papers and on Friday went to the UGC to answer queries about the budget and write to academic coordinators, and that evening I sorted AUC papers and prepared a report for the Asia Foundation about the GELT, which was I assume helped through one of their earlier projects with us.

Saturday was work at Nirmali’s including papers for Buttala, a questionnaire for the Asia Foundation, reports for them and CIDA completion of the Culture book, and remarking Trinco papers plus more work on the English Every Day book. I was back at Nirmali’s next day, having seen Richard’s mother in the morning, and had also to do accounts for EASL that afternoon.

Monday I marked more IB papers and finalized Trinco marking and then taught at USJP next morning before the UGC in the afternoon. I saw Goolbai Gunasekara next morning at the Asian International School for I had roped her in to write for us again, and then went to the UGC and USJP for a class before setting off to in the afternoon for a Board of Study at Belihuloya. En route I dropped in at RESC in Eheliyagoda and the Provincial Education Ministry in Ratnapura, and then saw a VSO who had been allocated to Belihuloya but stayed that night at the Balangoda Resthouse. Next morning I went to several schools and after lunch at the Ratnapura Resthouse went back to the Ministry before visiting a couple of centres to interview students who had benefited from the Asia Foundation project.

I spent that night at the Wellawaya Resthouse and went next morning to Buttala to inaugurate another weekend camp for school children, and took a class before the Board of Study. I took another class that afternoon and then went to the Mahiyangana Resthouse for the night, going to Girandurukotte next morning to check on classes. I did the same next morning and came back to Colombo after lunch, giving the two boys a lift to Kegalle where they came from.

There were classes next morning at USJP with the UGC in the afternoon and NIrmali’s to work afterwards, with the same the next day and on Wednesday, though that evening I was at home, to work on the Belihuloya timetable after a nap. Next morning, having dropped in at the UGC I went to Aluwihare with Nirmali, via the Gampaha and Kandy RESCs and the Polgolla AUC, and also Peradeniya for what I have recorded as Externals, whatever that means. We had a lovely evening on the lawn but then I had to mark IB papers after dinner.

Next morning I went to the Matale RESC and went on to the schools where we had set up classes under the Kandalama Project I had devised, but then got back to Aluvihare for a nap and another evening on the lawn, before yet more IB papers. I had most of the Saturday there, and marked more papers after lunch but then went to the Maradankadawala Resthouse for the night, and then, having dropped books at the Wehelles, went to Vavuniya for a Board of Study and a class and a talk to extension students.