This post notes a chance acquaintance of those long ago days whom I met again recently when he came for the launch at Lunuganga of my book about explorations with Ena. I thought then, and I think now, that Nirmali was quite right in saying he was one of the nicest persons to work at the Council after I had left it.

The pictures are of him on the extreme left at that launch, and of the wonderful Goolbai Gunasekara who did so much educational writing for us over the years.

Another new friend and an old one

Next day I taught, with a Deans meeting in the absence of a Senate, and then after administration on Thursday I went to the cottage and Colombo where I helped Ena prepare for another sale. The next morning I met Talgeri and had lunch at the Oberoi, I think with him, before going to Rupavahini for a recording, but of what I cannot remember. Next morning my father fell, with a lot of bleeding from an injury that did not however turn out to be very serious.

So I was able to leave for Getamanna, and saw Upali and Jothini, but not Shantha, perhaps because he had now left. I had lunch with them and did accounts and then went to my uncle’s for dinner, along with my cousin Rohan who was visiting, though he spent the night with his brother Bandula. That night, while having a late shower, I broke a pipe, and there might have been water gushing all night, but I managed to call out of a window and Kithsiri was able to turn the water off.

Next morning, Sunday November 25th, I went to the Ratnapura Provincial Office for a Council meeting, though for what purpose I do not know. Then I went to the Academy and marked papers and took vivas the next day, getting next morning to the university for a Deans’ and a Faculty meeting. I spent the night at the cottage and then went next morning to the NIE, and then to the Ministry to check on the venue for our big workshop for teachers on the project. After lunch I went to the UGC, and that evening edited the section on Environmental Studies, the largest component of the Grade 6 textbook being translated.

Next morning I met a teacher at the Council called Richard Lunt whom Nirmali exceptionally thought was dedicated, and then saw one of my writers, Goolbai Gunasekara, at the International School, I think because I wanted to use bits from texts she had produced for me earlier as additional value in the Grade 6 text book. Then I was at the Ministry, where I met the audit as well as the secretaries with whom I was working, and then back at home, having taken Taffy to the vet, I had drinks and dinner with my father and Derrick who was visiting, and then I worked on an article and edited the Maths textbook.

Next morning, a poya, we had our first workshop for teachers at the Housing Department Auditorium near the Ministry, and I was delighted at the enthusiasm of those who were taking on the challenge.