What seemed a routine post was saddened when I found, looking him up, that Giyan Kiriella had died last month in Australia. There was a picture of him looking just as he did at school except for the grey hair. And I recalled seeing this his whimsical conversation when he saw me at the cottage over two decades back, three decades after I knew him in school.

An old friend

I had to be at the Ministry again on the Sunday to meet Regional staff, and then I left for the cottage after lunch, where I was visited by Giyan Kiriella whom I had known at S. Thomas’, whose mother still lived in the walauwe in Kiriella, and with whom he was staying, having left his wife in Australia.

Monday morning I was off again to the Academy to teach for two days, getting to the university for a Senate meeting on Tuesday afternoon, and then going on to the cottage. I looked into wood supplies next morning and then went to the NIE and after lunch to the Ministry, to see Harsha, and worked further on the Bank proposals that night. I had to see a doctor next morning and take a liver test, and then I met the British High Commissioner, who was of course interested in the English medium programme. Then it was the Ministry for several meetings, while I was able to work on my media articles that night, and next morning. I then had another test and then went to the Ministry but got back for lunch, wrote another article and tried to finalize the World Bank funding.

Next morning, Saturday September 22nd, I went to the Ministry and then loaded wood I presume to take to the cottage. I worked there on SLMA papers and Bank proposals over the weekend, as well as house accounts, and then went early on Monday to the Academy for two days of lectures. There was a Faculty meeting at the university on Tuesday afternoon and then I went to the cottage, met the carpenter and the builders next morning and then got to the Ministry. I worked there that day and also at home in the night on the programme, and was back there for the whole of the next day too, with dinner that night at Peter’s. Then on Thursday we had a CLD seminar at the USIS, and then after working at the Ministry after lunch I went to Nainamadama where I had agreed to attend the prize giving of an international school, I think because one of my mother’s former guiders whom I had liked, Therese Fernando, was involved with it.

I worked at home over the weekend, including on school achievement levels and university and academy papers, and was at the Ministry and the NIE the next day, and then bought tiles in Ingiriya before getting to the cottage for the night. On Tuesday morning I went south, took classes at the Radiant and had lunch with my uncle and then did accounts with Shantha and had tea with Nimalka and then got to the university. Term must have started again for I taught next day and then went to the cottage to see the workers, and stayed the night and got to the NIE next morning and then dropped in at the Open University en route to the Ministry, to see Divisional Directors of Education.