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A lot of different work is covered in this post, most notably about the problems within the system that made the reintroduction of English medium so difficult. The picture here is of Dr Ginige, who was perhaps the biggest stumbling block, a problem that became more serious when Ranil got rid of me and she in essence took over the training, which was formulaic and unproductive.

But I could not find a picture of Jolly Somasundaram who in efffect destroyed the CLD training programme Jeevan had initiated, for able though Jolly was, and wonderful when he actually functioned, he tended to go walkabout.

Coping with the NIE

I prepared a report on the Colleges of Education next morning and identified achievement levels for trainees in both language and literature, and in the evening prepared another proposal, for the Australians, and also an article on the Amity School idea. Then on Monday I was at the Ministry, and sent of the project proposals, and in the afternoon had to go to the Open University to select a new English Professor. I was at the cottage that night, to cook dinner, and then went to the Academy next morning for three days of classes, getting back to Colombo on the Thursday via the university and the cottage.

Friday I was at the Ministry with a meeting on the Primary English Project at the Oberoi that afternoon, and then on Saturday I went to Getamanna where we seem to have had Sabaragamuwa students for training. After I spoke to them and did accounts with Shantha I had a class at the Radiant and saw my uncle and aunt before getting back to Madola for lunch. And then we drove allt the way to Aluwihare for the night.

That was to get to the Mahaweli College for a workshop the next day when Nirmali also joined me, along with old colleagues from the NIE Department of English Education. We taught all day, and then I took Nirmali and my former Peradeniya student Vijita who now headed the DEE to Aluwihare where we had tea and then dinner on the lawn. Next morning we left after breakfast for another full day of training, after which I went to the Academy for two days of classes. And again it was the university on the way back on Wednesday to the cottage,.

Next morning I checked the work and paid the workmen and then went home and on to the Ministry. That day I had to deal with the appalling head of training at the NIE, a lady called Ginige, who was nothing like her able sister Geetha Premaratne who had worked with me on the AUC English programme before emigrating to Australia. I got home exhausted, but was delighted that we had Derrick staying, and we relaxed over a drink before dinner, and then my newspaper and internet articles.

And next morning I had to make lots of calls about the CLD programme, for Jolly was relapsing into lethargy.

Rajiva Wijesinha


August 2022
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