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I describe here a long journey with another of the Codipilly drivers, the last protracted one without Kithsiri, but as noted this driver too was pleasant and easy to work with. It was a long meander, typical of what I did in those days, taking in Amparai and Trincomalee, where Siron had again arranged for me to stay at Fr. Leo’s restful orphanage by the sea.

The pictures are of Prasad Kodituwakku and Michael Ondaatje

A meandering journey

We went via the Eheliyagoda Regional English Support Centre which had been one of David’s favourites, because of Rajapaksa and also its coordinator Prasad Kodituwakku who had been at Pasdunrata. I spoke to the teachers there but we managed to get to the Amparai Resthouse for the night. Next day I have a talk at the Education office and then went to Sammanthurai to observe classes and talk to instructors, and then returned to the Amparai office and the Kavantissa DELIC Centre

We returned to Moneragala for a night at the Resthouse but I tried before we got there to see the Education Director at his house. It was behind the Education office down a winding path under tall trees, and I was wondering whether I was lost when I found a security point where a youngster evidently had to stand guard on his own for ages. But he told me that the Director was away, so I had to head back in gathering dusk to the car.

Next morning we went via several schools to the Buttala AUC for its Board of Studies and after lunch with Mrs Siriwradena I went to the DELIC and then drove up to Habarana via Mahiyangana and Mannampitiya, a deserted road I loved. We stayed that night at the Habarana Resthouse and went to Trincomalee next morning for a seminar at the AUC and then had a meeting of the Board of Studies. I stayed again that night at Fr Leo’s and had a swim, and then prepared syllabuses with Paru who must have come separately and I think stayed with Siron.

The seminar continued next day at the AUC and I then went to St. Mary’s for its English day and had lunch with its sisters I think before taking a grammar session at the seminar and returning to Fr Leo’s for a walk with Paru on the beach and a swim, though I think that unlike Siron on a previous occasion she did not come in herself. 

That was Sunday and then on the Monday I saw students at the UGC and went back to Colombo via Aluwihare where we had lunch. I dropped in then at the Polgolla AUC, and met the instructor and the few students there were, and then went with Palitha to his house beore getting to Colombo.

Next morning, after going to Nirmali’s, I had a class for staff at USJP and Nirmali did one on speech after which I was back at her place for work, getting to the UGC in the afternoon. That evening I went with Michael Ondaatje and his sister Gillian to Ian Goonetilleke’s, for the prize was to be inaugurated that year.

Rajiva Wijesinha


August 2022
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