I mention here the launch of the first volume of Channels which the English Writers Cooperative I had started managed to produce four times a year over the next couple of years. And work at the Council intensified, during these last days when Rex Baker was in charge, when he encouraged so many new initiatives. I was working in music and literature and ballet and now teacher education at a very sophisticated level. 

But it was also a period of transition, two people I associated with my uncle Lakshman dying. The pictures of them are not very good, but I was happy to find them. The others are Goolbai Gunasekara who did so much for us, in between them, and then the still remarkably active Kamala Wijeratne and the ebullient Ed Marks.


We finally formally launched Channels at the Council the following Monday, September 25th. John had a party next day for the representatives from ODA who were visiting, and the next day we had a lunch at the Oberoi for the assistant secretary in our unit who was leaving. That Saturday I went to the memorial service for Saro Knight, who had died prematurely of cancer, whom I remembered as a lovely host at the Chaplaincy in Peradeniya. That evening was yet another ballet performance, by the newest teacher, Khulsum the daughter of the distinguished educationist Goolbai Gunasekera who had written the history texts for the GELT project. And on the Sunday we had another CLD seminar, at the Oberoi.

The next Tuesday we had a writers workshop and a party for Martin Palmer who was back, though his Gilbert and Sullivan performance was the following Tuesday. Rex had him for drinks afterwards and the day before he had presented a Clarinet performance with dinner hosted afterwards by Olga de Livera, representative of the Royal College of Music.

The previous week we had begun on the second number of Channels, on which I had to do much work though formally the editor was Kamala Wijeratne. On the Friday we had a meeting with the TULF and the SLMC and the SLFP about the APC, and then next day we started the Asset Course at the Council. But that was also a sad day, for I went to the funeral of Fr Celestine Fernando, who had mentored my uncle Bishop Lakshman, and continued a socially conscious Christian to the end of his days, being a committed participant at the CLD seminars.

The Thursday following the Palmer performance the next week I did attend the APC meeting at the BMICH. On Sunday I had David Woolger for drinks and lunch, for I now found him perhaps the most congenial of companions, except for Richard who was however involved in so much else that I did not really know about.

The following week I went to Yala over an extended weekend, and the Tuesday I got back had dinner at Derrick’s with for some reason the CIDA personnel also being invited. Nirmali had lunch the next day for her GELT project and on the Friday Ed Marks had his farewell party. He was a delightful rascal and I was sorry to see him go, though many years later he was back on a brief visit, as ebullient as ever.