This records the increasing recognition of the political contribution of the Liberals, with Chanaka presiding over the inaugural Dudley Senanayake lecture. But I had to juggle David Steel with the music duo whose programme had been disrupted earlier.

There is more then about our efforts to revitalize English curricula, at school and university level, and of progress on the English Writers Cooperative, with publication of the first volume of ‘Channels’. My novel about the political crisis in 1987, a sequel to the one about 1983, was also published, but it had been written in haste and was nothing like as readable as the other. And then I went to England, sponsored by the Council for the Triennial Conference of the Association of English Language and Literature Studies.

The picture of the first number of Channels is followed by that of Maureen Seneviratne who edited it, and then after Days of Despair we have David Steel and Gamini Dissanayake.

More publications

The following Tuesday we were able to have a Polmear and Ambache workshop at the Council. That day we had welcomed David Steel who had been invited by the Dudley Senanayake Foundation Chanaka had set up to deliver the inaugural Dudley Senanayake lecture. We gave him drinks that evening at the Galle Face and the next day he participated in the next CLD Seminar we held, at the Galadari, after which we had a dinner for him at the Ramada which both David Gladstone and Ed Marks attended.

Gamini Dissanayake, still in the Cabinet though it was clear he was not getting on with Premadasa and had indeed taken to spending much of his time in England where he was following some sort of course at Cambridge, gave him lunch the next day and the lecture took place that evening at the BMICH. But I had to give priority myself to the Polmear and Ambache Concert at the Galadari, which was followed by a reception. And next evening Clive hosted them to dinner at Guido’s.

The next day Ashley spoke at the Council on English at the universities, and Shanthi had Ena for dinner while Anila had her for lunch the next day. And then I had a frenetic week, with a dinner at Jamie’s on Wednesday, lunch by Clive the next day for another of the HIEE consultants, and the wedding that evening of one of the junior librarians whom her colleagues had tried to marry to me over the preceding years.

Work proceeded apace and on the Monday I got the final suggestions for Advanced Level English texts to Nihal Cooray, and position papers to the English Departments and Units at the universities, and also a report on the furniture project to the Ministry of Educational Services. Then on Tuesday I met Valerie Young regarding the GELT project, and on the Wednesday I got proofs of the first volume of Channels and finalized them the next day so that on the Friday I was able to take delivery of that as well as of Days of Despair, the sequel to Acts of Faith, which was being published through the EWC. The reason for this urgency was that I left that night for London, to attend the ACLALS Triennial Conference which was to take place in Kent later in the month.