In October 2020 the shutters came down again, but I did get out once more before the year ended, otherwise content to move between Lakmahal and the cottage.

That excursion was to Belihuloya, for one of my former students Rohan Abeywickrema was now back from Australia with his doctorate and in charge of much administration, which he had also been good at in addition to his academic abilities. I had initially thought this invitation was with regard to the MA in English and Education which he was reviving, but it was for a forum to present student research.

I thought I should go anyway, and welcomed the idea of a night too at the Belihuloya Resthouse which I much loved. The day we got there I had some of my students for dinner, though they insisted on paying much of the cost. Apart from Rohan and Mahesh Hapugoda and Manoj Ariyaratne, all of them now with doctorates, the new Dean of the Faculty Sampath Fernando came as did Abeyweera who was now a Dean at the Uva Wellassa University.

I was up to see the dawn next morning, over my coffee on the little balcony over the river. KIthsiri joined me when the sun came up, and I was tempted to take a dip but there was no time. We had to have a hasty breakfast and then head off to the event, where I met the new Vice-Chancellor for the first time.