A section of the introduction to this set of letters, omitted in the last post, explains what happened to extend my stay.

I asked for an early viva when I handed in my thesis, but that did not materialize, because one of my examiners fell ill. But I had a lovely time, beginning with a stay at Windsor Castle where my chaplain, David Burgess, had become a Canon (as noted previously, when I helped him move in and went for the installation) and then at Lamledra, which I took for three wonderful weeks. One friend dropped me there, and others came down for brief periods, but I even enjoyed the few days I had entirely to myself there.

The pictures are of the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London where I was to spend much time, this year and in the years that followed, and of the long forgotten Roddy Llewellyn, whose affair with Princess Margaret seems to have been a high point for both of them.

January 10th 1979 (cont)

On Saturday I went down to London to dine with various people at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, and spent the afternoon, in the absence of Opera, – which I shall miss, but I did manage to get tickets for later in the month – at the cinema and the theatre. On Sunday, after taking Raki round all day, I had dinner with Leslie after evensong and a lengthy gossip as we hadn’t met yet – he’s surviving quite happily in his solitude, despairing of the new chaplain as he’s ‘a trifle enthusiastic’ but not daring to say so as Gwynne is very pro and wants them to run reading parties together!

As you can see, it’s very easy to slip back into it all – but I still remain enthusiastic about my return, and hope it will be by April. Do thank everyone else who helped me to have such a super time, especially Lakshmi and Dennis and Sharya – with the best intentions in the world I shan’t write to everyone. I have handed in the films but they’ve not been returned yet – I shall try to get the Guide ones back as soon as possible.

Anila has been running round seeing everyone, just like Mum, but is looking very well – so is the baby, who’s exactly like Thatha! 

Windsor Castle

– but, as from, for replies, Corpus Christ

Am nearly at the end up a splendid week here, very peaceful and quiet, except for the arrival of Princess Margaret at Church on Sunday accompanied by Roddy whom I hardly noticed as I was determined not to stare. And, alas, we sat at either end of the same row so I couldn’t contemplate. I’ve been for lots of other services in addition, at civilized times like 11.45 and 5pm, which I trust makes up for all those I missed at home. I get up around noon, having read late, since I don’t really get very much done during the day due to walking, talking, drinking, and playing with the baby. I think, with Rollo & Shivantha only to go on though, that I’m quite good with babies though essentially at intervals. I’d make an appalling father, since a permanent infant would make me most impatient, and what ought to be the compensation, the pride of creation and, I suppose, ownership, I don’t think a particularly worthy emotion. I can, however, see the force of the temptation, and may even succumb in time.