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I was able when in Colombo to collect my disks of pictures taken over the last few years. There are plenty which I had intended to sort through to select the best, but kept putting it off. The lockdown provided a reason with these regular postings here and on Facebook, and there is also time and opportunity for this pleasure I had long put off.

Today’s pictures are of Argentina which I visited when I had a conference in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 but was able to visit three other countries in the region. For various reasons which I explained in the Facebook posts I did much overland travel.

I begin with the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Tango performance I saw and the Presidential palace alternately, then four landscapes including Patagonia and the eastern seaboard, then buildings in Buenos Aires, and then scenery alternating with the tango class, a dancer outside the Presidential palace on my last day, and a lifelike billboard.

Rajiva Wijesinha

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