Today’s pictures are from Algeria which I visited in 2014. We were lucky to find in Algiers a hotel overlooking the harbour, and I enjoyed the elegant streets and the Cathedral of our Lady of Africa. We also had a long drive into the countryside and I could see why the French had not wanted to leave.

Very different was the bleak landscape of Tamanrasset in the south. Sadly, because of my diplomatic passport, I had a police escort and could not spend the night in the desert. Less strict were the police I had in Ghardaia, a collection of walled enclaves, each with its palm plantation below the citadels. These gave us a lot of freedom, taking us wherever we wanted to go, and showing us wonderful look out points.

The hotel overlooking the central square was great fun with a roomboy who was delighted by the drum Kithsiri bought and put on an impromptu performance. And the museums which we had to ourselves displayed the most exquisite objects.