These pictures were taken in 2018 when I finally got to Honduras after a false start because the visa took a long time to print and I missed my flight. But I was determined to get there so paid whatever extra was needed, but then did take in more of Spain on my way.

The pictures alternated between Tegucigalpa which had a great range of sights starting with its elegant Presidential Palace and the magnificient Mayan site of Copan.  Then I have a picture of the entry to Copas Ruinas followed by two elegant hotels I stayed in to get and be there.

I then headed north to the Caribbean coast for a swim and a super sunset, and then back down to Comayagua a lovely colonial town for my last night, in a beautiful hotel with a courtyard with fountains for breakfast.

And I end then with three more pictures of the Mayan monuments, the last in situ on a smaller site away from the main one.