Today’s pictures are from the one before last journey I undertook, at the end of January. A meeting I was due to attend was cancelled, and a smaller video conference arranged, but I thought I needed to be present in person, so I paid for the ticket and saw the friend I had already arranged to stay with. And then on February 1st I went to Nimes and had a few days seeing places in France I had not been to previously, before getting to Paris for the meeting.

I begin here with Arles which I went to after Nimes, but the facade of the cathedral was I think the most beautiful sight on this trip. I had registered it in childhood and recognized it when I was checking on what I should see.

The first ten pictures are from Arles including its amphitheatre and the cathedral cloister. Then there is sunrise from the train there from Nimes, with pictures of its amphitheatre and other classical sites. I end with a picture of the hotel in Narbonne where I had some time changing trains and went out to find the place I stayed in way back in 1977. I think this was it, opposite the station, with the trees outside I remember watching as they waved in the wind on a sleepy afternoon.