I come back to India today, having posted pictures of Sri Lanka and Nepal earlier to represent South Asia. These pictures are from a wonderful visit to Rajasthan in 2015, just after I had resigned as State Minister of Higher Education. It was sad for the system that I could not stay on, but I suspect I could have done nothing given the lethargy and greed and vindictiveness of the government.

I have long known that one can do anything if one has the confidence and support of one’s superiors, and nothing can be achieved without that. But having given up on that unequal struggle to achieve something, I was glad that I could pursue my own personal goals.

I begin with Jaisalmer out near the desert, which was quite stupendous, the night out near the sands when I rode a camel at sunset, the wonderful merchant villas in town, my hotel in the palace walls where I had dinner and breakfast on the roof with excellent service and a bird caught in the sunset; the palaces at Jodhpur and Bikaner and the temples and lakes en route; and finally the great city of Chittorgarh with its magnicient towers.