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Since it’s Friday, there will be pictures on a theme rather than a country. Monday was waterfalls and today’s subject has given me even greater pleasure, because longer lasting.

Here are the dogs in our lives, beginning with Toby who is a wonderful companion. At the cottage he is with his sister Daisy. The collection of pictures of them growing up together is great fun, though am confining myself as usual to just 20 and I want to include a few others.

There are the dogs down at the small bit of the estate left at Getamanna, belonging to Upali and Jothini, who gave me Toby and Daisy to Kithsiri. The mother Sheba is still there, and her son Ricky though tragically his sister Nicky was bitten by a snake last year. She was the sweetest natured of the litter, as can be seen in the three before last picture here with Ricky. In the one before that is Bloomer, who with his mother Lassie, pictured just before, a couple of months ago, used to come gallivanting down every morning to the little house I had there. Sadly she died just a few weeks back.

Before that is Bingo, one of the other two dogs here, on the staircase between the courtyard where he and Jimmy stay, and the balcony where Toby and Daisy cavort. We got him from the Met Dept over 10 years ago when I was Secretary to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights, still feisty despite his age. And before that, with Toby, who is very gentle with him, is Rocky, who belongs to Kavishka at home. Next to that is a picture of Toby and Daisy in the garden at Lakmahal when she came visiting.

The last three pictures are of Tiko, one of the dogs of my boyhood, and then the gentlest dog I had, Ricky. He was ill in the last year, as can be seen from the one before the last picture, in my bedroom where he slept, next to the Pelican Ena de Silva had created. But he seemed fine when he came to see me in my new office as head of the Peace Secretariat. Soon after that however, on July 2nd 2007, he died.

Rajiva Wijesinha

May 2020
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