I had planned to post pictures from five countries every week, from five different parts of the world. But it seemed better to have a daily display, so I thought to use Mondays and Fridays for themes.

Today features waterfalls, the first two the spectacular but little known Kalandula Falls in Angola, then the Victoria Falls from Zambia, then two sets of Falls from Uganda. Then we have a frozen waterfall and another from Arunachal Pradesh in India, two from South Africa, and two from Meghalaya also in the North-East of India. After that two views of the Frog Falls in Venezuela and another that falls into a grotto from the plateau where Angel Falls springs, then the Falls at Bahir Dar in Ethiopia which mark the start of the Blue Nile, then two waterfalls in Sikkim, one from Jordan that furnishes the hot pools in which one can bathe, and finally a waterfall from Armenia.