I have been posting travel narratives three times a week on my Facebook page – Rajiva Wijesinha – but at this time of lockdown I thought of a daily dose. Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday then I have pictures there of different countries, with just short accounts. These are all my own, taken over the last few years when I began to keep comprehensive visual records.

I sent out an email about this to many friends, but then found that they could not access easily. My quota of friends is full and I am not very good at dropping people to take on more. Others still are not members.

So I thought of presenting picures on this blog, which was immensely popular some years back for its political content and also some of the easy readers in English I had produced. Unfortunately it lapsed though, having found it immensely useful as a record of the past when I was writing some memoirs recently, I thought it worth reviving.

I begin today with Uzbekistan, amongst the most exotic countries I have visited, way back in May 2015,