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Mr Speaker, it gives me great pleasure to speak in support of the Budget for 2012 put forward by the Government. More than two years have passed since the conclusion of the conflict which held back the development of this country. Since then we have had a series of elections, the last of which was concluded a couple of months back. The results have shown immense satisfaction in most of the country with what government has achieved during this period, but we have also got to register that in a few places the people have indicated that we must do better.

I believe this budget makes it clear that, as far as the North of this country is concerned, as well as other places that have suffered deprivation in the past, government intends to pursue the policy of rapid infrastructural development without which we cannot promote the equitable prosperity at which we aim. For too long more distant areas were not properly connected with the rest of the country, which inhibited the connectivity, social as well as economic, that would have facilitated even development. The massive amounts dedicated to capital expenditure in select Ministries for next year makes clear our determination to enhance opportunities for all our people.

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Rajiva Wijesinha

November 2011
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