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කරු ජයසුරිය

Since the announcement of possible changes in the UNP, there has been a plethora of attacks on Karu Jayasuriya. Many of them accuse him of ingratitude in that he seems to be challenging someone who had been enormously kind to him. The argument is that Ranil Wickremesinghe made him Deputy Leader of the Party once, and then again made him Deputy Leader, and this means he should be eternally grateful.

Interestingly enough, the criticisms come not only from those elements in the UNP that support Wickremesinghe’s continuing leadership of the party, but from people in government. I suspect this indicates that such people are nervous that the removal of Wickremesinghe will lead to a resurgence in UNP fortunes. That may well happen, but I believe that there will also benefits to the country.

Before arguing that point, I should address some of the inconsistencies in the argument of those who accuse Jayasuriya of ingratitude. In the first place, he was not initially made Deputy Leader of the UNP out of love and affection. He was given the position, which was created by constitutional change, when he had to give up the position of Chairman of the Party, since Wickremesinghe had decided that that position, as well as that of General Secretary, should be held by people not in Parliament.

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Rajiva Wijesinha

August 2011
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