CALD resolution expressing concern over the recent proclamation of the Cambodian National Assembly to strip the Hon. Sam Rainsy of his parliamentary seat and calling for the restoration of his mandate as an elected Member of Parliament

“This shows that power in Cambodia is becoming more and more absolute and more and more illegal.”

– Hon. Sam Rainsy

Leader of the Cambodian Opposition

Worried that the Hon. Sam Rainsy has been stripped of his parliamentary seat because of politically motivated charges instituted against him by the Cambodian government;

Aware that the Supreme Court found Mr. Rainsy guilty earlier this month of racial discrimination and destruction of property on disputed charges based on allegations as to the uprooting of border markings near Vietnam in 2009;

Disappointed initially at the removal of his parliamentary immunity by the Cambodian National Assembly so that the trial could be held, and now by its prompt proclamation,dated March 15, 2011, that “His Excellency Sam Rainsy has completely lost his rights,prerogatives and membership as a parliamentarian of Kampong Cham provincial constituency in the fourth legislative mandate;”

Disturbed that the proclamation made clear the motivation behind the charges and undermines Mr. Rainsy’s rights as a Cambodian citizen and his mandate as a legitimate member of the Cambodian National Assembly;

Troubled over what seem prejudiced and carefully targeted actions by the judiciary and the legislative to serve the orders of an authoritarian regime that has made clear its determination to continue in power for decades, with destruction of the opposition;

Concerned that such a legislative decision will set a dangerous precedent as to other such charges against the members of the opposition, and the use of executive and judicialaction to subvert the legislature of Cambodia, further tainting also the credibility of elections scheduled for 2012 and 2013;

Convinced that the criminal charges against Mr. Rainsy, and the recent proclamation bythe Cambodian National Assembly, are all part of a grand scheme to silence dissent and further curtail rule of law and human rights in Cambodia;

Be it therefore resolved that the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats calls forthe restoration of Hon. Sam Rainsy’s parliamentary seat and mandate as an elected Member of Parliament.

For the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats:

Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha, MP


Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats

March 18, 2011

Manila, Philippines