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Learning English   

This is an extract from a book for Learners of English. A selection of books which may be downloaded can be found on the website of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka ( in the English and Education Section. Books which are still in print may be obtained from International Book House, 151 A Dharmapala Mawata, Colombo 7.

Below  is the first Unit of the Grade 6 Junior English Textbook published by International Book House for the use of Sri Lankan students. As noted in the introduction,    

this book explains elements of English in a manner that will help both students and teachers to understand what they learn and teach. ..    

Each unit contains one or more reading texts, on which several exercises are based. Pre-reading questions are given in some instances, and … writing tasks should be given due attention and … Each unit also includes a Conversation section, which avoids the familiar practice of setting out a dialogue which students learn by rote. Students should first develop understanding of the speech patterns they use, and for this purpose they should first fill in the blanks as indicated. Initially much help may be required, and group work may be desirable….Teachers are also advised, on the pattern of the texts included here, to encourage active learning of useful subjects… including matters of wider interest that will be useful for students in the future.Read the rest of this entry »

Rajiva Wijesinha

July 2010
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