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I had initially been sorry that I would not be in Sri Lanka for the presentation of the budget and the debate that took place over the last few days. However, reading about the arguments advanced by the opposition, which still seems determined to oppose every action of government as though that was the sole justification for having an opposition, it seems that I missed very little. One might almost have predicted the statements the opposition would have made beforehand, though the particularly childish form their performances took on the first and last days shows they will always be capable of surprises when it comes to pathetic melodrama.

I happened, during the last couple of weeks, to be in countries that have suffered from economic downturns without having fought against terrorism and won. Indeed, where they have had to deal with terrorism, and with problems of internal security, they are expending sums that to us seem astronomic, without any very positive results. But they had also, in the last few years, spent much larger sums on programmes that they now realize need to be cut, and they have cut these ruthlessly, without prompting the hysteria in their more responsible oppositions that our opposition has displayed with regard to comparatively less harsh measures.
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Rajiva Wijesinha

July 2010
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