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Wedding of former LTTE combatants, Vavuniya June 2010.


Having spoken last month in the Emergency Debate, I feel it makes more sense this time round to reflect not on the Emergency Regulations that have still to be continued, but rather on the changes that we have been able to achieve over the last couple of years. In particular I think we should rejoice that the difficulties under which we all had to live during the last few decades have vanished away, and we are able to move freely, without fear of terrorist activity. 

Of course that needs to be qualified, since we must recognize that terrorism is still on the agenda of a few, which is why sadly we need to continue with some of the Regulations. However by and large I would say that there are very few people still committed to terrorism in this country. Sadly, there are still many abroad of that tragic mindset. Even more sadly, they have the capacity to offer incentives and make threats that could turn a few people away from the path of peace and prosperity. We need therefore to be careful. That is why we must recognize that, though the special measures that were in place have been reduced, and will be reduced further, we cannot assume complacently that all danger has passed.  

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Rajiva Wijesinha

June 2010
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