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The article below was written in the middle of 2009, at the height of the campaign of disinformation conducted by the Times of London against the Sri Lankan government.  After a period of quiet Jeremy Page has, to coincide with the April 2010 General Election, returned to the charge with a misleading article concerning what he claims are suspicions about plans to ’settle thousands of Sinhalese across the north to undermine the Tamils’ claim to an ethnic homeland’. It may be worth therefore looking again at the manner in which the Times is fed information and its falsifying techniques.

The above headline is clearly an exaggeration, but it is based on the style of reporting adopted recently by the Times of London in its coverage of Sri Lanka. Following its extraordinary assertion, at the end of May, that over 20,000 had been killed in the conflict area, it seemed necessary to examine the motives behind such whopping untruths. The investigation revealed a culture of secretiveness and propagandist zeal that is not of course novel, given the role that some newspapers have played in the past in supporting British adventurism, as instigated by particular political parties.   

An expedition to London found that the Times itself was unwilling to provide access. Like Channel 4, which had been equally fraudulent, it kept its doors tight shut. However four other journals and two TV channels were more open, and provided some explanation of the deceit practiced by the Times.   

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Rajiva Wijesinha

April 2010
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